Miss Design Girl

Before my small business journey began, I was a teacher. When I became a mom, I quit teaching so I could stay home with my son. In 2008 I made a beautiful diaper cake for my best friend’s baby shower. I received a lot of compliments on the diaper cake, and everyone told me I should open a shop and sell them. Hmmm…that’s an idea!

After a lot of thinking and planning I decided that yes, I was going to go for it! It took some time with business planning, attending small business classes, meeting with an attorney, etc. but I finally got everything together and opened my online boutique. I sold everything from diaper cakes to tutus and made everything myself. The biggest challenge wasn’t creating products, it was branding and setting up my website! There wasn’t a lot of help for shop owners in my position…shop owners on a budget that is. I had to roll up my sleeves and learn everything on my own, which was okay because I like figuring things out! Oh boy what a learning curve it was. What’s html? How do I create a banner with my link? How do I resize images? How to I change the color of my website background? You get the idea! It was challenging but I made it through.

Over time I grew to enjoy the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a website.

I purchased Photoshop Elements (we all start somewhere) and took off from there. I decided to close my boutique and focus on learning as much as I could about designing. Years later I opened Miss Design Girl which has had its own changes over time but remains a place that helps small shop owners with their website/shop needs.

Happiest Things Studio

I’ve always been a crafty person and started a “sister site” a few years ago to share crafts, resources, and freebies.

During the pandemic I started offering free coloring pages on HTS to help my followers pass the time. To my surprise messages and thank yous starting pouring in. I got such a kick out of seeing the tagged images on social media of everyone enjoying the coloring pages. In May of 2021 I opened a Patreon site that offers exclusive coloring pages and digital rewards, what can I say- it turns out I love designing coloring content as well. You just never know where life will lead you!