what does it all mean?

Branding + Logo Terminology

  • Primary Logo – One of the most important elements of your brand! Includes the name of your company or blog, may also include a tag line.
  • Secondary/Alternate Logo – A slightly different version of your primary logo. This logo could include a border or a different letter alignment.
  • Sub Mark – A smaller simpler version of your primary logo. Can be used as a monogram, favicon, or profile picture.
  • Watermark – A light/white version of your logo you can use on your product photos, images etc.
  • Social Media Image – Image sized for use on all your social media platforms.
  • Color Palette – Usually a set of 5 colors that represent your brand. Hex codes included.
  • Font Palette – A selection of 1-3 fonts that are picked for your brand. The fonts could be used in your site design, printed materials, etc.
  • Style/Brand Board – Displays all the key elements for your brand including logos, color palette, font palette, patterns.
  • Icon/Graphic Element – A symbol/image that coordinates with your brand.
  • Patterns Patterns that incorporate the colors and theme of your branding. Can be used for printed materials!
  • Business Card Design  A coordinating front/back business card template that can be uploaded to your favorite printer.
  • Post Card Design – A coordinating front/back post card template. Perfect as a thank you card or percentage off coupon card.
  • Sticker/Tags/Label Design – A coordinating template that can be used for your packaging.
  • Facebook Cover Image – A sized image that will fit in your shop Facebook cover image area.
  • Instagram Highlight Cover Images – 5 custom designed images for the highlight area of your Instagram profile.