Ready to get started?

So, you have been thinking about opening a small shop but are not sure where to start. First let me just say- WAY TO GO! YOU CAN DO IT! Is it scary? Yes! Is it a little bit thrilling? Yes! Is it rewarding, fulfilling, and gives you a sense of purpose? Most definitely! Whether you want to sell a product, or a service you are about to embark on a whirlwind journey.  Maybe you just need a logo redesign or a branding makeover- we can help with that too!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your vision come to life! Branding your business is essential!

What is branding? Branding is YOU! It’s your logo, the colors you picked, typography…it’s the visual representation of what you want your business to convey. It’s important to think about your target audience/customers and take that into consideration when you’re thinking about your branding.

There are key components that go into creating your brand identity. These include colors, typography, logo design, patterns, graphic elements, and marketing collateral.  We are here to help with all of your branding needs!

You have your ideas nailed down and you’re ready to move forward with branding, what’s next?  Below you will see the whole design process from start to finish!

The Design Process

Turn Around Time

Logo Design: 2-3 weeks | Branding: 3-4 weeks


Be sure to read ALL of our terms before you purchase.

Branding Logo terminology- what does it all mean? Check it out here.

Branding and Logo Design includes design only, I do not offer any type of printing services and nothing will be mailed to you.